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Say NO to Shakeology: BONUS $.75 alternative

Ahhhh, Shakeology. The magic shake filled with "superfoods" that will make you lose weight FAST and cure all your medical problems. Finally, we found the quick fix. WRONG. If you're familiar with Beachbody or not, the MLM company makes MILLIONS off the Shakeology product. Well duh, it costs $130 a month. (Puke) As a CPT,… Continue reading Say NO to Shakeology: BONUS $.75 alternative


Packing for a Trip: How To

Spontaneous weekend getaways or full blown road trips? Heck yeah. Traveling opens our eyes and minds to the true beauty of the world & ourselves. It shows us what we are capable of all while making everlasting memories. If you're anything like me, I wear the same 7(maybe 8) articles of clothing in different combinations.… Continue reading Packing for a Trip: How To